World Of Force & Energy

1. Push
   Examples of a push : - pushing a trolley
                                     - pushing a wheelbarrow
                                     - squeezing a sponge
                                     - kicking a ball
                                     - closing a car door from the outside
                                     - opening a car door from the inside

2. Pull
  Examples of a pull : - pulling a fishing net
                                   - rowing a boat
                                   - flying a kite
                                   - stretching a rubber band
                                   - opening a car door from
                                     the outside
                                   - closing a car door from
                                      the inside

3. Effects of force
a. moves a stationary object.
b. stops a moving object.
c. changes the direction of a moving object.
d. changes the speed of a moving object.
e. changes the shape of an object.


Identify the actions below. Is it 'a push', 'a pull' or 'push and pull'?

(                            )
(                           )

(                             )
(                         )

(                           )
(                              )

(                                   )
(                                         )

(                                   )


  1. won't it be clearer for the viewers or readers if you stated the topic such as types of force and energy instead of straight away you shown us 1.push, 2.pull and so on. Some more there is no description about them, you just provided the examples.maybe if we use arrow to show the direction of energy formed.

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    1. Thanks, Ong. students had learn types of force in Year 2. that's why i just name some examples without arrows. anyway i will try to improve it.

  3. Good examples, thanks for sharing!