Sunday, 28 October 2012

Protecting endangered species

1. Extinction of animals/ plant species
    * Death of all members of a species
    * Extinct animals include the dodo, the quagga and the Tasmanian tiger.

 Tasmanian tiger                                                                           Dodo

2. Endangered species
    * Species of animals and plants facing the threat of extinction.
    * Endangered animals : turtles, deer, rhinoceros, tapirs and pandas.
    * Endangered plants : Rafflesia and the pitcher plant

Rafflesia                    Pitcher plant

3. Factors that cause the extinction of animals and plants:
    * illegal and excessive logging
    * poaching and excessive hunting
    * excessive development
    * illegal mining
    * extensive agriculture

4. Efforts undertaken to protect endangered animals and plants:
    * preventing excessive logging
    * enforcing laws against poaching and illegal logging
    * avoiding consumption of products made from endangered species
    * educating the public on the importance of conserving animal and plant species
    * setting up breeding centers for endangered animal species
    * establishing forest reserves
    * replanting endangered plant species

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